In memory of Johannah Lloyd

Johannah Lloyd called herself and her friends from the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul the “Godmother’s” of Elizabeth House, and that they most certainly were. We remember Johannah after her passing in September 2021 and lovingly name our garden at Elizabeth House – Johannah’s Garden.

Johannah was a special friend to Elizabeth House over the years. She was the main organizer of a yearly pre-Christmas luncheon where she hosted fellow congregants and encouraged support and donations to our young families.  It was a time where she highlighted the extraordinary work done by the staff team at Elizabeth House.

Johannah always had the mothers, fathers, children and staff on her mind and looked for ways to support and fulfill a need. She organized special donations of alarm clocks, luggage, bath robes and gift cards. With Christmas came a tree full of ornaments. Spring time brought us tulips and there was ice cream delivered on hot days in the summer.

Johannah, along with her husband Tracy’s biggest project was the beautification and total remodeling of our backyard/garden and surrounding green areas in 2019. A large donation funded the hiring of her landscaper Claire Belisle and handyman/carpenter Hans Dybka, who transformed our surroundings with new tiles and grass, planting of a vegetable/herb/fruit garden, flowers and the building of a pergola, storage shed and bench. She ensured that we had watering buckets, a hose, a bird feeder and garden solar lights. Every year, the flowers and tending of the garden was taken care of.

Last year, our side garden was brightened with new plants and trellis. Our front porch and stroller ramp got a coat of fresh paint.

Johannah’s gifts were so much more than monetary. She shared her giving heart with us. She always had the families and staff on her mind and checked in weekly by email or phone. She was giving of her time, ideas and constant support.

 Her loss is felt sadly by Elizabeth House but we will forever remember her memory as we enjoy the beauty of Johannah’s Garden.