Welcome in! Please allow us a few words to introduce you to Elizabeth House and the wonderful work that goes on right here in the heart of Montreal.

Our mission at Elizabeth House and the Elizabeth House Foundation is to positively impact the lives of young children whose parents require support and intervention to improve their capacity to parent. In a nutshell, our goal is to help break the trauma cycle, aid in the healing of families, and to nurture young mothers and fathers to be their very best.

On a more personal note, I became involved with Elizabeth House in early 2021, when I applied to be on the Foundation Board. I’ll admit that COVID put a few wrenches into our plans and meetings, along with the number of young mothers we could house, and despite all this, the House and the programs offered have continued to run smoothly. I was looking for a way to give back to my local community, on a smaller scale but one that would have a significant impact down the line. I believe that we have much to learn about trauma, its effects on each individual, but in particular the greater web that it casts in our communities – causing strife, anger, upset and greater inequality. Elizabeth House works to build families up, to provide young parents with the tools and building blocks they need to create a better future for themselves, those around them, and most importantly, their children. 

When we break the cycle of trauma, we are giving the next generation a fair and fresh start; the opportunity and support to move forward and create a better place for us all.

International Women’s Day March 8, 2023

As we approach International Women’s Day, we wanted to share with you the impactful work that Elizabeth House is doing to support young mothers and pregnant girls. Our programs focus on developing parenting skills and fostering independent living, with an approach that recognizes and builds on the strengths of each client.

Thanks to the generous support of donors like you, we have been able to offer new programs for mothers and fathers, improve living conditions, and provide essential items for mothers and babies. This past year has been especially challenging, and your contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of these young women.

Our theme this year, “Every Woman Counts,” perfectly encapsulates the dreams and aspirations of the young mothers and pregnant girls we work with. We believe that every young woman deserves the opportunity to achieve her goals and live a fulfilling life. Your donation can help make that a reality.

With ongoing support, Elizabeth House can continue to help these young women realize their dreams.

Dreams for someone like Jennifer, whose son just turned 27, and who was at Elizabeth House in the mid-1990s. She was one of the first teen moms to live in the Independent Living Program. She says she will be forever grateful to Elizabeth House for the support and encouragement that gave her the skills to be independent and move on with her very young son when she was 17.

Please consider supporting the Maison Elizabeth Foundation and our mission to empower and support young women. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these deserving individuals.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Build dreams by donating


Tara Sandler – President, Elizabeth House Foundation Board

Anitra Bostock – Executive Director, Elizabeth House

It takes a village…

We have all heard the proverb that it takes a village to raise a child.  But what happens when we don’t have a village?

I joined the Board of the Elizabeth House Foundation because I am fortunate and privileged to have a very large and wonderful village.  I have two boys aged 6 and 3 years old that I am raising while working full time and volunteering.  This is only possible with the help of my husband, friends and family.  I was fortunate to be on maternity leave with my older son at the same time as my best friend and we were able to experience the challenges of being a new mother together.

My second son was born at the beginning of the pandemic.  It was an isolating experience.  While facing the sleepless nights, challenges of breastfeeding, and lack of sleep, I also had my older son (aged 3 at the time) that needed attention because the daycares were closed.  My parents, in-laws and friends were not able to come over.  This time, there was no baby and mommy yoga and swimming lessons.  There were no strolls at the mall and coffee with friends and their babies where we were able to support each other. 

I volunteer at the Elizabeth House because I believe that every new mother needs a network of support.  The wonderful staff at the Elizabeth House provide support to young women, mothers and their babies at a moment in their life where they most need support.  I hope that my contribution on the board no matter how small help build a supporting community for the women at the Elizabeth House.

“It takes a village to raise a child”. – Igbo Proverb