Welcome in! Please allow us a few words to introduce you to Elizabeth House and the wonderful work that goes on right here in the heart of Montreal.

Our mission at Elizabeth House and the Elizabeth House Foundation is to positively impact the lives of young children whose parents require support and intervention to improve their capacity to parent. In a nutshell, our goal is to help break the trauma cycle, aid in the healing of families, and to nurture young mothers and fathers to be their very best.

On a more personal note, I became involved with Elizabeth House in early 2021, when I applied to be on the Foundation Board. I’ll admit that COVID put a few wrenches into our plans and meetings, along with the number of young mothers we could house, and despite all this, the House and the programs offered have continued to run smoothly. I was looking for a way to give back to my local community, on a smaller scale but one that would have a significant impact down the line. I believe that we have much to learn about trauma, its effects on each individual, but in particular the greater web that it casts in our communities – causing strife, anger, upset and greater inequality. Elizabeth House works to build families up, to provide young parents with the tools and building blocks they need to create a better future for themselves, those around them, and most importantly, their children. 

When we break the cycle of trauma, we are giving the next generation a fair and fresh start; the opportunity and support to move forward and create a better place for us all.